Four Must Have Computer Accessories for College Students with a Laptop or a Netbook

If you are living in an highly advanced country like the USA or UK,you know it well that a laptop or a netbook now has been included in the primary requirements to be admitted in any college. Being a college student with a laptop or a netbook,you must be equipped with four computer accessories which we call Must Have accessories for college students. Here is a brief account of these accessories.

1. A Portable Flash Drive Commonly Known as USB:

A portable flash drive of at least 2GB capacity is the first tool which every college guy must have with his laptop or netbook necessarily. Thumb drives are superb in utility and portability. So it should be with you at the very first day of college life.

Flash drive

2) A Smart  Mouse:

I don’t know how much you like to use a mouse but I can only say that don’t ignore the worth of mouse while working with a laptop or a netbook. A USB wireless mouse may be your first choice if you can afford it,however the low priced mouses are also available in the market for about $12 to $15 at your nearest mart.


3) A Dashing Laptop Sleeve/Case:

Most students are not well aware of the importance of a dashing sleeve or case for their laptops or netbooks while using them in college premises. A good looking case not only improves the overall impact of your personality but it is also very essential for the protection of your precious and handy gadgets.

Laptop Case

4) An External Hard Drive for Backups:

You can save a lot of files concerning to your classwork done in college and can store a lot of data related to this work on the laptop’s native hard drive to use for homework responsibilities but unfortunate events never ask to be happened. You can delete the necessary data by chance or someone can do some misdoings with the data to just put you in pressure. To avoid from these incidents, an external hard drive is the solid choice. You can store all important necessary data as a backup on this external hard drive.

An external drive

A think the above mentioned must have accessories for college students with a laptop or a netbook will help you to drive you without any trouble. I pray a trouble free college life for you. Enjoy!

. A lot of homework is done on your laptop in college. Losing all your work is devastating and discouraging. By keeping an external drive, you can back up all your files just in case. After all, accidents happen(trust me on this one).

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