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If you remember guys! Google Voice App for iPhone was the basic reason of the cyber war between Google & Apple and the hottest topic of the tech in the hot summer of 2009.The mystery continued whether Apple will include Google Voice App for iPhone in its App Store Desk or not. Then some cool news of approval of some of the Google Apps by Apple lowered down the temperature. Today the war ended with the release of Official Google Voice App for iPhone on Apple app Store. We take it as ‘All is Well that’s End is Well’. So keep on enjoying latest useful app ‘Google Voice App” for your iPhone by downloading it through Apple App Store.

It is quite an interesting fact that Apple never rejected the said Google App straightly. Apple had its own arguments on approving the Google Voice App for iPhone for its App Store. Apple claimed that principally they are not against the Google Voice App, however they did not want to create perplex for their fans as Apple had its own native Voice App on App Store, exactly alike Google Voice App. In spite of that the cyber war continued till to date. Apple now argued that Google Voice App has been finally approved as it meets the current relaxed rules and regulations that were brought in force in Sep ’10.

Google Voice App for Text Messaging

Get Google Voice App Right Now!

The Google Voice App is a fantastic app that lets iPhone users to make economical calls and free text messaging to any other number registered in the U.S. It is exactly the ditto copy of HTML 5 Web App allowing you to find your voicemail record too. Push notification, to alarm you for any latest voicemail or text message, is another plus point of the Google Voice App for iPhone.

Google’s Direct Access Number has also been included in the handy features for iPhone users. It allows you to use the Google’s own VoIP System to do connecting calls as swift as directly from your device. It is also worthy to mention buddies that in the original version of Google Voice App, the system was forced to call you back while connecting the call and only was workable with your response to the call .Now the improvement is made as you have to just a call on Center Number from your iPhone and the system will connect the call in no time.

Google Voice App for Voicemail

Free Messaging and Cheap Calls from Google Voice App

You can get it free from Apple App Store under productivity category for your iPhone running on iOS 3 or later. It has been rated as 4+ by App Store.

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