Get ready to watch 3D Movies on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android by 3DeeCentral

The world is changing its axis more rapidly than before. Each & every moment now brings the thrilling news in all fields of life. Same rule applies on iDevices like iPod touch, iPad and Android. Get ready to watch Stereoscopic 3D Movies on your cute devices without ridiculous old fashioned polarized glasses. More surprisingly, this time it would not be the native 3-Dimentional video but will display the same effects as a 3D-movie has in its basic instinct. (It reminds me ‘Basic Instinct”, a thriller movie by charming Michael Douglas & sexy Sharon Stone)

3DeeCentral is an app that has already be presented to App Store by Spatial View, the creator of this app. The app has a list of 3D-Movies that might be watched iOS devices and Android too.3DeeCentral makes use of thin screen that allows you to view these enhanced Depth-perception videos without looking fool by wearing polarized glass.

Business Insider comments on this news in a sharp voice;

We don’t expect this to sweep the nation overnight. For one thing, it looks like the library of content will be fairly sparse to begin with. And the 3D effect isn’t as compelling as it is on a larger screen using glasses. But we just tried it out, and it was real, live 3D right there on the phone. And that was awesome.

This exclusive 3DeeCentral is going to break the ice of tech voice probably in this frozen December, having a reasonable cost (less than $15) for reasonable guys like us when it will be available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.

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