Handoff App: Now Forward any Web Link from PC’s browser to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

If you want to forward any file from PC’s web browser to iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with an ease and swiftly, Handoff app is ready for your service. It is not about “Sync” for which a lot of apps are already present in the market. Handoff app is for sending only web links, images, maps, phone numbers, Youtube videos etc. from your PC to any of iOS device.  It uses a Push Notification for getting the content forwarded from computer to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It works like a simple stumbled upon manner. Handoff also does this all through bookmarklet or extension.

Handoff App for iOS devices

Once you get access for Sign Up , You are free to choose any option: Either Install a bookmarklet specifically designed for your account OR select a browser extension in which you will have to put all necessary information asked for your account.  Browser extension includes some very popular browsers as Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

After selecting a browser and setting up you account with Handoff service,download the Handoff and log in again. Your device’s name will prompt in both Handoff website and in the browser extension too. Now you can easily send any link just by hitting the bookmarklet or browser extension on any web page. Select the device on which you desire to send link, wait for a while; you will receive a push notification on your device. Tap on it… and that’s it. All the process is simple and easy for utilizing Handoff app.

You can use the Handoff app to preview webpages or send them to Safari. It is an intelligent app that recognizes Google Maps link and replaces the Safari buttons with a native Maps too. Also, you have an option to copy links and mail or send them to external services as Instpaper and Pinboard. It has been also enriched for Twitter sharing activities.

Handoff App for iOS devices.1

You can get this handy web app “Handoff” from App Store just for $1.99.

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