He Licked an iPad 2 and Won a Trip to Private Island in Fiji!! How?

Some interesting news about iPad 2 is coming one by one on the surface, today. Just after covering news of free gift of iPad 2 by Apple to a person who returned his iPad 2 to Apple with an excuse “My wife said no”. Here is another true comedy waiting for you. A man licked an iPad 2 and won a trip to a private island in Fiji. How? Here are some dirty details exposing the whole story.


During SXSW event, Socialcam (the official mobile app ofJustin.tv) was running a contest . The rules to win a trip to Fiji were so simple that everybody desired to once attempt for it; just upload a video of you or your friends doing a simple preset challenge by using Socialcam. The list of options included in this amazing contest includes; “Do a barrel roll”, “Do your best dance move,” and “Lick something — something wierd.”

The best performer was to be awarded with the prize of airfare and a weeklong stay on a private island in Fiji in courtesy of travel-focused startups Airbnb and Hipmunk.

Here’s the winning video by Samuel Yu who submitted it with full determination to won the contest;

Stay tuned with Hitechanalogy to know some more interesting funny news about Apple’s iOS devices-iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV.

Via: Mashable

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