How to install CineXPlayer on your iPhone or iPod Touch to play Xvid movies

CineXPlayer is a Fantastic application foriPad through which you can play Xvid AVI files without any difficulty on your iPad. Although this application is not released  for iPod or iPhone and it does not run on them but a hacker uploaded his Video on Youtubein which he told  a solution for installingCineXPlayer on your iPod Touch or iPhone.

The Hacker uploaded full tutorial for installing CineXPlayer on your iPod touch or iPhone and you can grab it here. But the only minute problem is this that your iPod touch or iPhone should be Jailbroken unless you can’t install this Application.

If you don’t believe this buddies! here is the link to watch the video of CineXplayer running on an iPod Touch.

So Enjoy playing Xvid Movies on your iPod Touch or iPhone now.

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