How to Jailbreak iOS 4.3 Beta with Unofficial Pwnage Tool [Tutorial]

Great! Now you can also jailbreak the recently released iOS 4.3 Beta with the unofficial Pwnage Tool, just released today. It should be kept in mind that this unofficial Pwnage tool for jailbreaking the new iOS 4.3 firmware is only for iPhone 4.Hoping that the support for other iOS devices will be offered soon and we will inform you as it comes out, as usual.

Pwnage Tool-Jailbreak iOS 4.3

If you are new in the jailbreak arena and don’t know much about Pwnage Tool: it is a jailbreak tool which uses Bootrom based Limera1n exploit presented by Geohot. It is a great tool to pwnage your iOS devices for ever.

NOTE PLEASE! (Only for Advanced Users)

This new unofficial version of Pwnage Tool doesn’t allow you to preserve your old baseband.


Hitechanalogy is not responsible for any kind of damage of your iPhone 4, Follow this guide on your own risk at all.

Step-1: First of all you have to download and install iTunes (most recent version indeed).

Step- 2: Now Play iTunes and sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with your computer or Mac to have a backs-up of all your essential data including settings, apps, music, contacts and photos etc.

Step- 3: Then Download Pwnage Tool and iOS 4.3 Beta (For Developers Only) for your iPhone 4; and shift all these files to your desktop.

Step-4: Run PwnageTool in expert mode and choose your iPhone 4.

Pwnage Tool-Jailbreak iOS 4.3-2

Step 5: Now, browse for iOS 4.3 beta firmware for iPhone 4.

Pwnage Tool-Jailbreak iOS 4.3-3

Step 6: Choose “Build” to set up custom 4.3 firmware file.

Pwnage Tool-Jailbreak iOS 4.3-4

Step-7: Thus PwnageTool creates the custom .ipsw file for your device to which is going to jailbreak right now.

Pwnage Tool-Jailbreak iOS 4.3-5

You have to march further for entering in  DFU mode; follow the instructions given bellow;

  • Hold Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds
  • Release the Power button but continue holding the Home button for 10 additional seconds
  • Your device enters in DFU mode

Pwnage Tool-Jailbreak iOS 4.3-6

Go for doing the following set of instructions please;

  • Start iTunes; click the icon from the sidebar in iTunes.
  • Press and hold left “Alt” button (“Shift” button on Windows) and then click on “Restore”.
  • Don`t click “Update” or “Check for Update”  button in iTunes and release the “Shift” button gently.Pwnage Tool-Jailbreak iOS 4.3-7
  • iTunes prompts for selection of the location for custom firmware 4.3 file.
  • Select the requisite custom .ipsw file and click “Open”.

Step- 10: You have almost done the job at your side. Now just relax, iTunes will do the rest for you. Don`t make any ridiculous move at this stage; just watch the process going on. iTunes will install the new firmware 4.3 on your iOS device, a progress bar indicates the installation progress.

Note it: Your device will restart robotically just after the completion of installation process.

Congratulations! You have now a fully have jailbroken your iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3.

Please tell us your response if this Jailbreak Tutorial works on your iPhone 4.

Via: iPhoneItalia

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