iGotYa is More Than Find My iPhone! NOW Identify the Exact Culprit Who Dares to Steal your iPhone/iPod touch

Yeah! iGotYa is the solid solution for identifying the exact culprit who stole your iPhone/iPod touch. We know that your precious iPhone or iPod touch is your handy asset and you will never spare to lose it. iGotYa is an amazing and perhaps the best app for exact identification of the thief who dare to steal your device. It is more than Find My iPhone app because it is not only for the identification of the exact location of your lost device but it also identifies the exact culprit who steals your iPhone or iPod touch. How? Let’s See…..

Actually, your standard native iOS Passcode Lock System is the basic component for working of iGotYa app. Once you have set up the whole information in the settings, any person who dares to temper your Lockscreen or tries to steal your phone will be caught at the spot with iGotYa app.It will automatically take a photo of the culprit and will send it to you on your e-mail address with GPS location. There is no need to mention that your iPhone or iPod touch should have a Wi-Fi or 3G connection too for running this fantastic iGotYa app.

iGotYa for iPhone-Cydia

iGotYa is the most handy app among all such kind of apps addressing to your iPhone or iPod touch security. If you are in office, college or in a party, it will help you to find the exact criminal who will dare to steal your device with Wi-Fi system, in no time.  And the wrongdoer will have no any lamb excuse this time that he gets your iPhone or iPod touch by chance.

“Security Mode” is the major feature of iGotYa which allows any person to access your iPhone or iPod touch after two attempts, without any action when he puts in any figure as a passcode. Apparently, it  looks very odd but it is very exclusive feature as it keeps the culprit busy while taking its snapshots silently and efficiently when you are on 3G or  your Wi-Fi connection is near to you.

You can’t install iGotYa on your iPhone or iPod touch, if you have not a jailbroken device. If you want to jailbreak your device right now, you can follow our complete tutorials to jailbreak your iPhone,ipad or iPod touch using Redsn0w on iOS 4.2.1 or using Limera1n on iOS 4.1 easily and safely too.

Download iGotYa from Cydia under BigBoss repository at $5.99 only with a 10 day trail.

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