iOS apps on Apple TV ?

Good News for my goodies! Now you can install apps on your new Apple TV. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith has searched out a unique technique to install iOS apps on new Apple TV. He just modified these apps only to make them compatible with Apple-TV firmware.

After providing you the breaking news about jailbreaking stanza of iOS 4.1 for Apple TV using SHAtter by iPhone Dev Team, we are quite content to inform you that now installation of iOS apps on your new Apple TV is quite possible.

Conversely, there is a little bit disappointment too. Since Apple TV has no application launcher yet, it is still impossible to launch iOS apps on AplleTV.

Troughton-Smith tweets in these words;

You can definitely add an AppleTV to the provisioning portal, and if you give an app a UIDeviceFamily of 3 it will install on it when signed

So, not only is the AppleTV set up for installing applications (of UIDeviceFamily 3), but the installation actually works

He also authenticates that iOS app has been installed on Apple TV using iPhone Explorer for its verification. Following snapshot confirms the whole story by displaying iOS app under Apps category similar to any other iOS device utility.

apps on Apple TV

Now Apps on Apple TV

We hope that you all chaps will be able to install apps on your Apple TV without any hitch in near future. Good luck to you and live long to technology for serving us in such a delicate manner.

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