iOSFlashVideo Bookmarklet to view Flash Videos on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Now watching flash videos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is quite possible with iOSFlashVideo Bookmarklet. Presently it only supports the sites included Flicker Video, Megavideo,Vimeo, and Dailymotion.


Launch Safari from your SpringBoard.




Now press the + icon and select Add Bookmark from the popup menu.


Then Click  the Save button.


Hit the Bookmarks button and press Edit.


Now Select the iOSFlashVideo bookmark, remove all content before javascript: in the bookmark setting and click Done.


Now hit Done to exit Bookmark editing mode and again click Done to exit the Bookmarks screen.


Then browse any site which supports flash videos like Dailymotion and load one of its pages with a video. Now hit theBookmarks button and select iOSFlashVideo bookmarklet which you have already saved.

Done! You have successfully completed the whole process. Now you can watch flash videos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without any problem.

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