iPad 2 3G on AT&T will be Sold Out Unlocked in the US: Dev Team Confirms!

Remember the superb days of first generation iPad 3G’s arrival in the US market; it was definitely sold out unlocked at that time. Now the iPad lovers were in doubt whether Apple’s iPad 2 will be available unlocked for purchase or not. This doubt is due to the option of both two carriers AT&T and Verizon for iPad 2. Now MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team finally confirmed that 3G version of iPad 2  on AT&T will be surely sold out carrier unlocked in the US again.

Confirming iPad2 is carrier unlocked: http://is.gd/PAwtPX (same BB as iPhone…unlock status is in per-device “seczone”)

The iPad2 unlock status was completely expected, just confirming it for those who want to use T-Mobile instead of AT&T. Doesn’t apply to i4

You can watch an image of Apple’s iPad 2- 3G running on a T-mobile network instead of AT&T;


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