LG Optimus 2X Running Epic Games ‘Unreal Engine 3 Technolgy’ [Video]

The big deals are going to make for Android powered phones in next few months,indeed. After a bad news about Nexus S -Australian version,here is a great good news for Android lovers who are the fans of gaming especially on Android based cute phones.The video we have is a display of LG Optimus 2X running Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 technology. The video shows  the “Epic Citadel” tech demo running on the device and being mirrored via its HDMI out capabilities up on the big screen .

Unreal Engine 3 Technology for LG Optimus 2X

You can check out the video below of the demo in action right now;

As it is obvious that the demo is running flawlessly on the device and on the TV simultaneously.  It is really a fantastic and a thrilling news for Android fans which brings  high hopes for this type of technology which works in conjunction with dual-core processors and high end GPU’s,surely

I believe, while playing some high quality rocking games like Infinity Blade and Gears Of War  on Android device (like LG Optimus 2X) will be a great experience of your life to do; especially on a Valentine Day when someone dearest to you sitting in your lap to enhance your pleasures.

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