Limera1n will also Jailbreak iPhone 5 and iPad 2 in Future!

Geohot took a deep sleep, then awakened and reappeared on tech horizon with a hottest app; Limera1n a majestic tool (MAJT: Master of All Jailbreaking Tools) that is competent in jailbreaking all iOS devices, Apple TV and more likely the firmware of your beloved`s heart too (just for your kind smiles). Limera1n has swept almost all rivals already present in the market.

Now, we are extremely compelled to scream out a loud “Wow” on knowing some more spells of Limera1n in jailbreaking segment. Yea! It is Limear1n that will surely and truly jailbreak iPhone 5 and iPad 2 or all other upcoming iOS handsets and incredibly untethered forever too.


Chronic Dev Team, who recently revealed GreenPois0n through Limera1n Exploit, has verified all the reports describing that Geohot has dig out another extra-dominant Limera1n Exploit that will be adroit in jailbreaking  all future iOS devices like iPhone 5 and iPad 2.So Limera1n has won the game for all and forever.

Following recent tweets are describing the whole fact confidently;

Comex writes utterly;

he would have implemented his own untether, but that would be wasting an exploit

MuscleNerd translates butterly;

geohot has an iboot-level untethered exploit but held it back to conserve exploits

We have a strong opinion about chronic Dev Team, Geohot and Limera1n;

They were great in past, they are greater in present; and will be greatest in future also. Jailbreak is the fun for Geohot with Limera1n now.

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