Luigi! Install OS X on your Chrome Notebook with new hacking tweak “Luigi”

Wow! It is certainly good news for all those users of Cr-48 who are feeling bore with it due to demo type nature of Chrome OS and finding no way to escape from it. Great hackers have done a great job for you to get more from your Chrome Notebook by discovering a little bit complex manual way to install Windows and Mac OS X on your Cr-48. Luigi is the solid solution for this purpose. In fact, Luigi is a firmware toolkit which has been released by a famous developer of Chrome OS “all-star” Hexxeh. This software package can flash the Cr-48 device to install any “unmodified” OS on it. However, you will be required to open your Chrome Notebook and have to activate the developer mode too.

Install OS X on your Chrome Notebook-Luigi

Here is a piece of official script introducing Luigi to install OS X on your Chrome Notebook;

However, it does require you to crack open your Cr-48. This is actually a security feature (if you can flash your firmware, so could a malicious program, and that could mean bricked device!), and so to disable it, you simply need to remove the bottom cover of your device. This does, of course, void any warranty you might have with Google and so you do so entirely at your own risk. This could, if it were to go wrong, turn your device into a shiny paperweight. Don’t come crying if it does.

You have to actually run some terminal commands to install Luigi on your Chrome Notebook. Once your Cr-48 is flashed and the custom firmware installed successfully, you will be able to plug in any USB or CD to install new OS X on your device like Snow Leopard. Do it dear it will be very beneficial for you; you can have more juice from your Chrome Notebook by this Luigi firmware toolkit.

Take a look of following video demo to know more about Luigi and its workability;

Some risks are involved in it, so take all necessary measures to proceed for installing OS X on your Chrome Notebook with Luigi.

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