Microsoft Flight: Ready to flight in Oct.2010

It is  a serious shock for the Flight Simulator lovers that Microsoft is going to make an end of their Simulator Series. However, Microsoft also told a good news that they are in the way to launch a totally new Games series for Windows Live , named as Microsoft Flight. The development process for the said series is in progress in Microsoft Game Studios. Microsoft Flight will fill the spot vacant by Microsoft Flight Simulator.

microsoft flight

After about 28 years of launching “Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0” , now “Microsoft Flight” is ready to amuse the lovers by the  great spell of flight. This news was warmly welcomed by the “Microsoft Flight Simulator” fans club.

As Phil Spencer (Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios) argued that they have a strong opinion that the new series of Games will surely meet the standards of games chunkies and will be more social in its perspectives.

He said  “Today, we’re bringing powerful, inventive gaming experiences to the Windows-based PC. Over the years, our PC heritage captured the hearts and minds of millions of players. Reinventing these iconic franchises with social, shared experiences at their core marks the beginning of our return to PC gaming in bold new ways”

A very tease trailer or just a pre- matured Video released by Microsoft  is available but it clears nothing about the new Games series.

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