Most Popular Must Have Cydia Apps for iPod, iPad and iPhone

Let us take a short overview of some Cydia apps that are most popular & Useful. I call these apps “Must have Apps from Cydia”.

Tech.1. qTweeter:  It will surely change the way to Tweet


It tweets very quickly

It is a very fresh approach to tweet a post or update or a song or a video, almost everything you want to share with your friends. It works dually by connecting with not only your Twitter account but also links you to FaceBook allowing you to share your selected item directly from your iOS from anywhere in the globe by the ease of a click.

You can activate qTwiiter by simply swiping down from the status bar. After activation you are free to post your selected video of a charming girl floating like a leaf on blue waters of a sea, or a picture of a guy waiting for his beloved under a giant tree, or a fresh song from  sexy Shakira (I love Shakira) or anything you desire to share.

Once you have used qTwitter, you will never change your previous Twitter tweak. Unfortunately, it doesn’t let you to glance on updates by your followers. However it does its initial job with full attention; Updates your Twitter & Facebook accounts simultaneously. You can grab it from Cydia at $ 3.99 (Why not at $4? God Almighty knows better)

Tech.2. Gridlock: Place your icons where you like to place them

gridlock by cydia

It places icons as per your will

It is also a very cute & smart app from Cydia that allows you to place icons where you like to place them on springboard. This is exactly like Android OS. Although there are many hidden malfunctions that can annoy you, but once you become able to handle those; it is really an app to must have in your iOS device.

You can easily make Themes with this app, having again a mysterious price of $ 0.99.

Tech.3. Quicklock 2: It is much efficient to lock your iOS quickly

Quicklock by Cydia

It quickly locks your iOS

As its name expresses, it also works to lock your iOS device in no time.

After installing it, an icon appears on your springboard that locks efficiently your iOS device on opening it. One baddy that user’s complaint is its icon that is a plain white block annoying much of users. However this baddy can be converted with goody if you have a little bit knowledge about ssh.

This Tweak works more effectively if you have a sleep/wake button.

This time its price is as low as you can think. It costs you at $0.000009 (I mean absolutely free)

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