Movie Vault for iPhone now; a crypt of thousands free Movies for you

Movie Vault is the trendiest Movie Stream App that displays a ton of classic movies for its users daily. FlingSoft, the creator of this fantastic App, has just released a new version of Movie Vault for iPhone now following after prior versions of Movie Vault for iPad and iPod touch accordingly. It has been fully developed for getting all benefits of new features introduced to iOS 4.1 devices such as multiple tasking. The most appreciable feature of this Movie Vault for iPhone is the continuity of the selected movie being watched by you. If you have to attend an urgent call from your special friend, no problem at all, just pause your favorite Movie and then resume it after attending your call.Here are some special features of Movie Vault for iPhone for the lovers of high class pictures all around the word.

  1. Movie Vault for iPhone is the crypt of thousands free movies that run over Wi-Fi or 3G iOS systems. It is a gift for movie lovers and is totally gratis app.
  2.  It has a very friendly and easy to operate interface having different pages for each category of pictures.
  3. You can explore your favorite movie by just Swipe function otherwise try arrows seated at top left corner.
  4. It consists of a proper Cover Art and provides full information from cast to director of the movie through IMDB directly.
  5. You have a no. of options for searching a movie on Movie Vault for iPhone through Keyword, Actor Name, Title, Director etc.
  6. There is no need of updating Movie Vault App since it automatically updates the movie list surely.
  7. You can watch the movie either on Portrait field or in Landscape too.
MovieVault for iPhone

Don's miss the stream of movies on "mOvie Vault"

 Our society is full of many gentlemen who like to watch movies and no doubt movies also have a great impact on social life. So the movie lovers will definitely be pleased so much with the release of this fantastic app “Movies Vault”. You can watch a ton of classic movies of all categories absolutely free and certainly from the ease of a touch of your iOS device. Moreover, it has been released just in time while good Halloween is knocking at the doors; and the developer promises that they will add continuously new movies in Movie Vault regularly without need of updating the app.

Movie Vault for iPhone-2

"Movie Vault" lets you to select the movie

The developer of the Movie Vault explains the reasons behind some poor quality movies on Movie Vault;

please keep in mind these are not DVD quality films. First, many of these films never found their way to digital, so what you are seeing is actual first cut from film, tape, or other.

 They further added;

We are doing our best to improve, but many of these films are rare which is why we feel this app is so special.

Movie Vault is really something other than a lot of traditional apps seated at App Store and the price is so minimal $3 that it seems almost free.

So keep on watching  movies on Movie Vault and reading of hitechanalogy too. It is your own site after all; we are just the manger of it.

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