Mozilla Firefox 4: 5 Million Copies of Firefox 4 Have Been Downloaded on Its Debut Day

Yeah! You are reading the quite true news guys. 5 million copies of Mozilla Firefox 4 have been downloaded from Mozilla’s official site on its debut day as shown by Mozilla’s official counter. It means Firefox 4 took only 24 hrs to touch the milestone of 5 million downloads showing how much people like to use Firefox 4 as a superb web browser. When I visited the Mozilla’s counter designed specifically to show Firefox 4 download states, it was exhibiting the huge figure of 6,158,318 and the counter was still running at the pace of a jet fighter.

Firefox 4 Downlaods

Out of 5 million downloads of Firefox 4 on its debut day, 2.5 million downloads were done by Europe followed by 1.6 million from North America 1.0 million from Asia. Interestingly, the stats of another popular web browser Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) show that only 2.35 million copies of IE9 were downloaded on its debut day.

Why the final version of Firefox 4 is getting such an amazing healthy acceptances from the internet users? Full CSS3 and HTML5 support, a redesigned UI, App Tabs, syncing across multiple devices and Panorama (a feature that lets you organize tabs into groups using a drag and drop interface) are the huge features for which Firefox 4 is going to become the ultimate choice of users for net navigation.

Download Mozilla’s Firefox 4; Mac users should have Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or higher version.


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