MWC 2011: The Summary of the Last Day at Mobile World Congress 2011

Toady was the last day of splendid world conference expo of hi-tech gadgets. The 3 Days Mobile World Congress ended with the introduction of a lot of new products and possibilities in mobile market. As it has been observed in most of such kind of the conferences, the last day becomes a closing day in which all the officials of various companies look in hurry to finish their  activities and to make themselves ready for going home. They are right to do so, since the 3 days MWC 2011 was full of intense dealings, lengthy brain storming sessions, press conferences  and inevitable parties.

mwc-2011-Last day

The last day may be called  the Day of Apple’s iPhone 4 which stood first among its rivals by winning the award of Best Mobile Device -2010,  in spite of the fact that Apple didn’t appeared in MWC 2011 in any form.

HTC also grabbed a lot of attention of tech junkies by winning the consolation award. HTC has been  declared the Device Manufacturer of the Year.

However, the declaration of Apple’s obvious win with the best mobile device for its iPhone 4 was a painful stinging event for all other companies participating in the MWC 2011. It was not an easy to swallow announcement for tech dinosaurs like Motorola, LG, Samsung and HTC, which together announced more than 10 new Android devices.

mwc-2011-Last day

The official stats for the four-day event as noted by Mashable are;

GSMA — the association that organizes the event — reported more than 60,000 visitors from 200 countries, with 51% of attendees holding C-level positions, 3,000 of which were CEOs.

To get an idea how big of an event the MWC is, imagine 1,400 companies occupying more than 58,600 net square meters of exhibition and business meeting space. And there were a lot of journalists too: The GSMA reports that more than 2,900 international media were registered to cover the event.

We tried our best to inform you each and every bit of this marvelous four days MWC 2011. Many thanks for your kind response in terms of an incredible hype in numbers of our daily visitors.

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