New Augmented Reality App: Now shop SwimSuits from a Wardrobe Virtually

Computer technology is changing the world at a pace of electric current. What you think imaginary in your mind, is quite feasible in reality now. If you think about the automatic vehicles driven by computers and guided by satellites, you are not mad buddy. You are a genuine genius since it is possible now. Similarly watching a cricket or soccer match exactly like you are sitting in the ground then Augmented Reality is there for your service. Only now the fragrance of flowers or nice scent is waiting for being transferred on electric signals yet.

Augmented Reality is a technical term which means a live direct or indirect view of a real- world Physical environment whose components are augmented (graphically enriched giving all detail of each pixel) through Computer Generated Imaginary System. There are many apps in the market that are making use of the same tool. Some of these apps are Layar, Google Sky Map on Android and Wikitude World Browser on iPhone.

Augmented Reality App

A view of Augmented Reality Technology

The latest app works on a webcam that functions dually, as a mirror and as an input device simultaneously. Now you can select your wardrobe on a high ranked dressing shop on net with the comfort of your home since it converts all the objects virtually real.  Moreover try it on your charming figure by entering in a virtual dressing room. All looks real and actual with this new Augmented Reality App.

Augmented Reality App

Augmented Reality: A real technology of our times

Ladies can try on Bathing Suit by immediaC. Select your bikini (presently this stuff is available for trail) probably for the reason that it is very important dress in shaping a lady`s body figures into a young looking girl`s charming, lovely and sexy appearance. You can change the size of bikini, its length and width according to your fitness and figure with the help of Kinect-like gestures and motions. All has been done correctly and only the billing is remaining on your side that you can do with your credit card too. The selected dress will be on your body on the very next Sunday when you would be enjoying a happy bath in a swimming pool or at seashore with your special friend.

Net gurus are saying that this technology will boost up the business of Online Dress Shops for the people who are going to use net as a servant tool.

We hope the same technology will also be applicable for selecting Apple Products and you would also be in position to select any iPhone, iPad or iPod rightly sitting on your couch with your beloved. He/she has also some rights to give opinion in selecting an iOS device for your kind pleasure too.

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