New Cydia VideoLock App: Lets Your Video and AirPlay Continue Even iPhone/iPod touch or iPad Screen Locked

New Cydia VideoLock app lets you play videos without pause and keep functional Airplay on your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad even with locked screen. It prevents you from annoying restart action for video playback on your device each time you want to put it in your pocket or turn its screen off. VideoLock has been tested and efficiently works with iPod player, YouTube, Safari, and Vevo. It also supports a lot of other apps installed on your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad tablet.

New Cydia App-VideoLock

New Cydia VideoLock  app is quite handy and I think you should have it on your Apple’s  device for avoiding from boring restarts. Moreover, AirPlay function also remains alive while you have locked the screen of your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad if you have already installed this new Cydia VideoLock app on your device.

Here is the video demo of new Cydia app “VideoLock” in action;

Courtesy: iPhonedownloadblog

You can just grab this new Cydia app “VideoLock” for your device for $0.99 only under BigBoss repo right now. Being a Cydia app, VideoLock doesn’t add any icon on the springboard of your device. You can able or disable VideoLock app through only.

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