New Terminology 1.3 Update for iPad and iPhone; Features, Price and Availability

Terminolgy 1.3 update certainly improves your Terminology. Terminology 1.3update has been announced by Agile Tortoise (wonderful name since a tortoise can’t be as agile as Terminology is; being one of the best reference app available in iTunes App Store. Terminology 1.3 versions is equally functional for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch versions of terminology and can be downloaded right now.Terminology (nomenclature, study of names and terms) was first released on 30th Aug ’10 initially for iPhone and then for iPad, after getting a lot of appreciation by critics and iOS device users. It has been intently placed in Top 10 in reference category in forty countries while acquires its place in Top 100 on the whole in sixty five countries now. Terminology is therefore smiling in “New & Noteworthy”, “What’s Hot” and in “Staff Favorite” categories in all App Stores worldwide. Terminology is so popular app that it daily gets tons of admiration reviews and appraisal notes on the web.

Basically, Terminology is the lingo browser for all iOS devices. A highly classical blend of Dictionary and Thesaurus makes it unique software for the respected people who have a respect for both words and phrases. Its enriched words bank, a matchless legible interface and finally easiest approach for further probe with an integrate browser are the major features that distinct Terminology from other Language Based Apps on iTunes App Store.

TerminalogyTerminology 1.3 update adds up some new image and feat enrichment features in Terminology with an extremely demanded utility of Spell Suggestions. “Recent History” and typical “Swipe to Delete” functions for marked words with capability to delete history are really wow building features of Terminology 1.3 update. This new update Terminology 1.3 also has a prop-up for “terminology://?q=[word]” modus operandi manager to integrate it swiftly with other apps for iOS devices and the internet also.

Terminology 1.3 update for iPhone and iPad costs you just for $2 & $3 respectively. You can also get Screenshots, Icons, and Press Kit just by asking for Terminology.

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