How to Break into Apps on iPhone,ipad or iPod touch-2

How to Break Into Your Apps on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad without jailbreak [Guide]

This guide is based on a method that allows you to break into your apps on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad without doing any kind of jailbreak tweaks and is derived from Appstorm. What is the meant of “Break into Apps”? Yeah! I clarify why you should go for breaking into the apps on your iOS devices and how you can do it?  As you all are well aware that every app which you have on your iDevices syncs with iTunes and resides on Mac too, on Mac you can easily break into the important files of any app unlike iPhone, iPod touch or iPad tablets. It simply hints toward another fact; you can use your Mac to break into the apps installed on your iOS devices … Do you get the point? This guide simply explores the way how to break into your iOS device’s apps without jailbreak.

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Twitter-what people tweeted this week-1

Top 10 Twitter Tweets: What People Mostly Tweeted This Week

Sometimes the question rises in the minds of net devotees and great surfers about the topics which are mostly tweeted on the internet through Twitter. Here is the complete report by the net‘s one of the most popular social sites Mashable  which mentions about the most Twitter trends and the topis which are most tweeted this week.

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What faces do on Facebook in 20 min.1 (4)

Facebook: What Facebook’s Faces Do in 20 Minutes? [Report]

Facebook has become a net giant as we have already mentioned in a post which describes that Facebook has outfaced Google by being the most visited website on internet in 2010.Here we are with another latest interesting report, just released today by a reliable company named Democracy UK, which explores the fact about what faces (people) do on Facebook in every 20 minutes of time span?

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New Cydia Tweak Go Native

New Cydia Native Tweak: Go Native for Native iOS 4.X Multitasking for all Apps

Go Native is brand new Cydia native tweak which lets you to run applications in the background natively on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 4.x. The tweak is quite useful as it is functional on all apps that priory don’t support it. It is the alternate tweak for Backgrounder to help you to do native iOS 4 multitasking for all apps.

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Downgrade iPhone 3G Baseband

How to downgrade iPhone 3G Baseband from 06.15.00 to 5.13.xx with bootloader 5.8 [Tutorial]

Here we are with a very handy  and simple to do method with which you can easily downgrade iPhone 3G baseband from 06.15.00 t0 5.13.xx, that is certainly unlockable with Ulrtrasn0w jailbreak tool. You can also restore your iPhone 3G on official stock firmware with iTunes, which was an absolutely impossible task on iPad’s 06.15.00 baseband. The technique described here is only workable to downgrade iPhone 3G baseband with bootloader 5.8. How? Let’s see …..

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Geohot Hack dePKG for PS3

dePKG Jailbreak for PS3 : A New Year Gift from Geohot

Sony’s Epic Fail brought failoverflow exploit concerning to PlayStation3 to resolve security issues. Now Geohot, the hacker’s Guru’ again comes at front with another minute but handy PS3 jailbreak which is actually related to PS3 jailbreak issue rather than iOS. dePKG is the name of this jailbreak software which is based upon decrypter, a linux based PS3 firmware package. It lets the developers to have a view on files like CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg within Sony’s own firmware (PS3UPDAT.PUP) files through their computers. dePKG consists of all necessary decryption keys and is a ready to use package for compilation.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year with Best Wishes!

Happy New Year with best wishes to all of you! May God bless you with good health, satisfied heart, and creative mind keeping you prosper and rich in both thoughts and wealth in the year 2011. We, the Team of Hitechanalogy, tried our best in 2010 to inform you the most recent and interesting news about Apple, Android, Windows and Web just in time and with full related information. We will continue to do so in 2011 too. Your confidence and love for us is our asset. Happy New Year once again to all of you! Enjoy your parties with your friends and sweethearts. Keep care of you, over drinking is injurious to health. Here is a collection of some nice Quotations for you.

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Gresso iPad Case-1

Gresso iPad Case! An Extreme Combination of Apple Technology and Gresso Design Expertise with African Blackwood and 18KGold

It is worthy, unique and elegant iPad Case by Gresso which presents an extreme combination of Apple technology and Gresso design expertise. Gresso, a well known manufacturer of mobile luxury phones, has showed off its matchless capabilities of modifying the iOS gadgets into a totally new stylish look by making this iPad case with 200-years old African Blackwood (the most precious wood in the world) in combination with 18K gold. It gifts the iPad a striking, modish and totally eye-catching black appearance which wins the hearts and minds in no time. Gresso has become an icon of the industry due to its expertise in African Balckwood cutting, seasoning and technical processing.

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Top 3 Must Have Most Wanted Gadgets-2010

Top 3 Must Have, Most Wanted Gadgets of 2010

The last sun of the year 2010 has died and the New Year celebrations have started in most of the regions on the globe. The year 2010 is near to pass away leaving some valuable gadgets for us especially Apple contributed a lot by launching its some new gadgets in 2010.Here is the list of top 3 must have gadgets for 2010. It is based upon my personal choice and own selected order. You can differ with me in the order of the gadgets but can’t differ in their selection, as it is just on merit.

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Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 with Redsn0w 0.9.7-Untethered

Download Redsn0w 0.9.7 Beta 4: usbmuxd Process Eliminated, Windows Version is Imminent

Redsn0w 0.9.7 Beta 4 has just released out, externally running usbmuxd process has been eliminated to put aside Mac OS X users from annoying moments. All other features are unchanged with disabled Bluetooth workability yet. Skype is still absent too. However, it is proclaimed that Windows version of Redsn0w 0.9.7 is imminent in a few days as per official statement.

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Download Genuine Windows 7 Free

Download Genuine Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise Free – 90 Days Trail

Wow! A 32-bit Microsoft Windows 7 Version is available to download free as the New Year gift for Windows 7 lovers from Microsoft. Although, this 90 Days Trail Version has been designed especially for IT professional but there is no restriction for you to take advantage of it. At the end of the year 2010, I think it is really a nice move by Microsoft to not only win the hearts of its fans but also to test the Windows 7 version for major bugs & flaws. So get it and enjoy with happy New Year celebrations.

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Facebook Outfaces Google in 2010

Facebook Outfaces Google in 2010: Facebook is the Most Visited Website of 2010

Facebook is the most loved social web site on internet which makes you habitual of visiting it at least once a day due to its diversified features and highly remarkable interface. Though it was already a popular site as for Searched Term (at No.1 in 2009) and was a populous site with millions of daily visitors (at No.3 in 2009) but now it amazingly wins another crowns by outfacing Google’s dominancy on the net; It has become most Visited Site on the net too for the year 2010.This post throws some light on different aspects of Facebook and explores some Statistical Data that shows” Facebook is the best site of 2010”.

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Make Video Calls with Skype 3.0

Skype 3.0: Make Skype to Skype Video Calls over Wi-Fi & 3G on your iOS Devices

New Skype 3.0 update is now available for download to make Skype to Skype video calls over Wi-Fi & 3G on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Previous version of Skype app only enables you to make or receive audio calls and instant messages on your iOS devices without any boundary limits i.e. no matter at all where you are on the globe. Moreover you can save international calls and text messages on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad too with Skype app. Let us take a view what’s new in the latest Skype 3.0 update for you!

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New Cydia BatteryDetective App-2

New Cydia BatteryDetective to Arrest the Culprit Background App Causing Undue Battery Drainage

Are you facing quick battery drainage problem? Do you want to know which is the exact background app causing undue battery drainage issues on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad? New Cydia Tweak BatteryDetective is an efficient detector that arrests the culprit app causing undue battery drainage while running in the background. Hire Cydia BatteryDetective that is capable to make census directly from battery driver and displays the most precise data about your battery life and behavior. The developer of the app claims correctly that there is no any other app on App Store or Cydia like BatteryDetector which works with such sort of efficiency and competency to do the said duty.

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Rubyra1n Jailbreak tool-Geohot

Geohot’s Next Untethered Jailbreak Tool “Rubyra1n” will Won the Market Soon!

After the breaking jailbreak hit Limera1n , Geohot is preparing to release its new jailbreak tool “Rubyra1n”. It was explored by the domain registration record (Whois Record) which displays that Blackra1n, Limera1n & Rubyra1n are registered under George Hotz. It looks like, Geohot registered Limera1n & Rubyra1n back in March, 2010. However the new jailbreak will not be available soon since Limera1n is enough to jailbreak all existing iOS devices efficiently. If you remember guys we have named Limera1n “Master of All Jailbreak Tools” (MAJT) on the time of its release. Rubyra1n will be the next untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 4.2.1 by Geohot in a row.

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