Phoneable; Now easily synchronize your iPod/iPhone with multiple computers

Although Hex Editor was serving the same doing previously, but it was very time consuming job to synchronize your iPod/iPhone with multiple computers with it. Now Phoneable  is available for this particular job.All the persons who are involved in net business know the importance of synchronization of iPod/IPhone with multiple computers since it allows them to get any data from other computers to their iPod/iPhone easily when & where it is required. For example you want to capture the pics from a PC in your office to add it in your blog or to send it to your friend, and then synchronization works to do the said job. Different software’s are available in market to do so like Hex Editor but synchronization of your iPod/iPhone is a complicated and time consuming job with these wares.


Now Phoneable is your ultimate choice since it is very easy to understand and install for synchronization purpose. Recently it is not workable with iTunes 10, but hopefully it would be updated in no time. You can use it only for Windows & Mac Version in Beta is also available but use it at your own risk.

Grab the Phoneable here.

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