Possible Prices for iPad 2-A Rational Overview

We are sure that one can easily guess the upcoming next generation iPad 2 prices by the BestBuy ‘s SKUs provided here in this post after the jump. The reason is enveloped in the Apple’s previous practices on the occasion of launching a new product. It is no more hidden to you that Apple has a straight forward  policy for that; if the new product hasn’t some newish features, the prices are lowered otherwise the prices are increased if the new product grabs some valuable new features.  As for the iPad 2, it is going to have some highly valuable and much loved features like Duel Cameras and retina display like High Resolution Display (2048 x 1536). It hints clearly to one obvious aspect; yeah the hype in prices for iPad 2.

However, the unreasonable price hype is also dangerous for introducing a new product like iPad 2 as it creates frustration and annoys the fans. So we expect that the price of new iPad 2 will surely not start from $ 499 rather than it might be $550, this time.

Here are the prices from BestBuy’s SKUs which will help you to guess the possible prices for iPad 2;

Possible Prices for iPad 2

If we analyze the BestBuy’s prices listed in the above snapshot, the next generation iPad 2 will cost you for about: $550 (16GB) base price, $650 (32GB) & $750 (64MB). I have guessed the prices for iPad 2 by putting an eagle eye view on the BestBuy’s price listing for iPad. What is your opinion guys! Hoping that Apple will not disappoint its fans and will keep the prices for iPad mush rational and affordable for iPad lovers !

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