Remote Conductor: It Turns your iPad into a Large, Multi-touch, and Wireless Trackpad

Remote Conductor is absolutely a new handy app for iPad which turns your iPad into a large, multi-touch wireless trackpad and is specifically designed to add some more salt into your entertaining bustles on your Mac. It is based on the three well known tasks; tracking, launching and switching. These functions are mostly required for turning your iPad into a more productive trackpad, and enable you to find and launch Mac applications right through the window of your cute iPad tablet. In addition, you can also see all the open windows on your Mac’s screen and can easily switch between them. It is the really mouse killer app with which you will never use a mouse again, surely!

Remote Conductor for iPad

The users with devices running OS X just like Mac are always in search of more functionality especially for remote controlling features. Remote Conductor has a great appealing power for such users since it is much productive and also turns your iPad into a multi-touch peripheral for your Mac too.

Remote Conductor for iPad-1

Here is the official note to describe “How Remote Conductor works?”

Remote Conductor runs on your iPad and communicates over Wi-Fi with a free server program called Conductor Server running on your Mac. You may install the Conductor Server on as many Macs as you like.

Remote Conductor was built from the ground up to be secure, all network traffic is encrypted with industry leading technology.

Here you can watch the Remote Conductor app for iPad in action;

The extremely users friendly interface of Remote Conductor by m3me with easy to handle switching mode just like tapping an icon or performing a gesture, makes it a must have app for both your iPad and Mac devices.

You can grab this innovative Remote Conductor for iPad from App Store at $9.99 only.

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