RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook vs Apple’s iPad: Who is the Winner?

Blackberry Playbook was announced about 2 months ago, and finally now RIM comes out with a video comparing web browsing experience on both cutes, 7” imminent BlackBerry PlayBook with iPad the smash hit by Apple.Apple’s iPad is, in fact, the natural competitor for RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook. So RIM is trying its best to show its technical superiority over Apple. The video released by RIM expresses almost the same message, as we picked.

New BlackBerry Playbook

Upcoming BlackBerry Playbook

RIM‘s Video comparing the Web Browsing Experience on BlackBerry Playbook vs iPad is of 3-min duration in which an Engineer at RIM efficiently executes some technical tests to show that BlackBerry is superior to Apple’s iPad. How?

Load Time Test:

Browsing speed is the major factor for a standard web browser. The RIM presenter starts the comparing with load time test on both devices. He loads first UEFA.com and then CBS.com on BlackBerry Playbook and its competitor iPad. Both sites are loaded on BlackBerry Playbook with a considerable less time as compared to Apple’s iPad. Moreover, iPad almost fails to load CBS site as it has a lot of Flash content. The BlackBerry scores some points over iPad here.

Acid3 Web Standard Test:

Then the RIM official carries out another technical test Acid3 for quality and reliability of devices related to rendering and fidelity. Although both Playbook and iPad got 100 points but still there is something hidden between the lines. A rendering artifact was obvious on iPad’s safari browser while BlackBerry Playbook did not show any type of rendering misbehavior. So the viewers will ultimately deduce the result that best rendering and higher fidelity is much better on BackBerry Playbook rather than iPad.

Javascript and HTML5 test:

Both Javascript and HTML5 are very important features for web browsing especially in running animations. So the demonstrator does this test too on both devices. As a result, animations from Pocket Full of Canvas website run smoothly without buffering on BlackBerry Playbook while on Apple’siPad, the animations run with some uneven effect.

So what we learnt from this video demo by RIM to compare web browsing experience on BlackBerry Playbook and Apple’s iPad? It is evident from the demo that RIM got a solid win over iPad in almost all the test done in the video. But guys! Do you think that it was a well justified comparison between two devices? Not at all! We should also keep the fact in mind that there is a huge gap between the release of Apple’s iPad and Rim’s Playbook as Rim is going to launch its device in early ’11 while iPad was released about one year ago.

Apple's iPad

Apple's iPad

Will RIM again release a video demo for the same tests if Apple launches iPad 2G in a few months? It is really an interesting question to be replied by RIM.

[via BlackBerry Blog]

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