Some Hidden Features of Google Instead of a Search Engine Only!

Google is the most popular search engine on the web today among Yahoo, Bing and Ask etc. You can judge its popularity level by the fact that it gets more than 1,100,000,000 hits daily. However, most of users visit Google only to use it as a Search Engine and they certainly don’t know about the other fruitful hidden features of Google which they can also enjoy from the best search engine Google! Here we have some useful tips to get more juice from Google.

Get more from google-71. Google for Searching a Specific Filetype:

You can use Google to search for a specific filetype too. Here I will put two example to searcha specific filetype from Google in no time.

If You want to search the files only in pdf format, just type filetype:pdf. This time Google will display all the results in pdf filetype format only.

Get more from Google-1

If you want to search an image in png format, just type “Snivy” filetype:png.

This time Google will show results in png filetype format only.

Get more from Google-22. Google for Tracking Packages:

You can also get more juice from Google by using it for tracking packages. Just enter your UPS, USPS, or FedEx tracking number to get back shipping information.Get more from Google-3

3. Google for Searching Stocks:

Google can also be used as a best Searcher for Stocks in the Stock Market & you can get the real time information of your stocks by Google at any time anywhere. You have to just type the stock symbol and Google will show all the current results for it. For example, if you type “GOOG”, you will show all the recent information about Google’s stocks with graphs and figures.

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4. Google for Tracking Flight Information:

Google can also help you to get latest information about flights of any International Air Line. The procedure is again very simple, just enter the flight number and get all concerned information by Google.

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5. Google is also a Calculator:

Don’t believe! You can do it yourself now. Just try to solve a simple mathematical problem and Google will work as a simple calculator too.

Get more from google-6

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