Sony Vs LG: Sony Wins the Court Case : LG will have to Pay Compensation!

Sony Vs LG battle turns a great twist by the news that Sony has won the summary proceedings and LG will have to pay now compensation to Sony. The case started with the seize of 300000 Sony’s PS3 gaming consoles by LG in the Netherland. Though LG was planning to seize another lot of 180,00 PS3, the court verdict has put water on the efforts of LG to block Sony’s most popular product PlayStation 3 in the Netherland and to get $350 million from Sony. Sony has won the case primarily not only defeating LG but also by getting huge money as compensation.

LG vs Sony- Sony Wins

Dutch site reports;

Sony has won the summary proceedings and that LG will be made to pay €130,000 for the cost of the court case and €200,000 every day until all the 300,000 PS3s are returned.

Florian Mueller comments on the Sony’s great victory over LG in the court:

It’s definitely true that Sony won over LG, an independent source just confirmed it to me!

Sony vs LG was a great court case of the hi-tech history which seems to be decided in the favor of Sony. However, LG is still in hope that he will finally get the win over Sony on patent infringements issue and it will also keep on demanding $350 million from Sony for its loss caused by Sony due to breaking Patent Laws and Protocols.

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