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Android 2.2.1 on iPhone

How to install Android 2.2.1 Froyo on iPhone 2G/3G with Bootlace 2.1 in Cydia

You can install Android 2.2.1 Froyo with Bootlace 2.1 available in Cydia right now. Although iPhoDroid is the best option to install Android on your iPhone 2G/3G ; there is a little hitch in it that it requires a PC or Mac to do the whole process accordingly. Now Bootlace  2.1 comes to help you [...]

FaceTime on iPhone 3GS

Enable FaceTime on iPhone 3GS With Free FaceIt-3GS App [How]

If you remember buddies! We have already written a post describing how to activate FaceTime on your jailbroken iPhone 4.Now iPhoneIslam rises with its new FaceIt-3GS app which facilitates you to adopt FaceTime Video Calling feature on your  iPhone 3GS. However, the new FaceIt-3GS app is unable to activate FaceTime through Rear Camera of iPhone [...]

Parallax for Scrolling Wallpapers on iPhone and iPod touch

[Thrilling] Unparalleled Scrolling Wallpaper on iPhone and iPad Touch with Parallax, Cydia Tweak

Parallax is a new Cydia Tweak for iPhone and iPod touch devices. It is an absolutely unparallel tweak since it is a very unique thought till to date. Phonex-Dev is the developer of this creative and matchless tweak that brings a scrolling wall paper on your iPhone and iPod touch to enhance its grace and [...]

hrd photo enabler

HDR Photo Enabler for iPod touch 4G is now available on Cydia

HDR is the abbreviation for High Dynamic Range Imaging. It is the process of photography in which a sequence of dissimilar exposures of the same scene is combined to enrich the quality of the image up to a level that describes the details of each and every pixel of the images. It is impossible for [...]


Most Popular Must Have Cydia Apps for iPod, iPad and iPhone

Let us take a short overview of some Cydia apps that are most popular & Useful. I call these apps “Must have Apps from Cydia”.


Cydia displays Game Center and HDR Photos Enabler for iPhone 3G and 3GS Running iOS 4.1

It was previously considered that running iMovie on iPhone 3GS is not possible but we were sure that there should be any app allowing the facility. Now Cydia released an app that makes it possible to run game center as well as HDR photos on iPhone 3G & iPhone 3GS.