Teardown of New Macbook Air (11.6 inch) by iFixit

Teardown of New Macbook Air (11.6 inch) by iFixit is on track right now. iFixit really fixes the goodies and baddies of the Apple’s  New Macbook Air (11.6 inch) in no time . iFixit explores the out of sight members of New Macbook Air (11.6 inch) by providing a suggesting  screenshot that displays inner figurine of Macbook Air clearly and evidently. It is iFixit that offers us all the concealed body parts of the new products like this one, New Macbook Air (11.6 inch).You will surly like the following interesting piece of information about veiled pieces of New MacBook Air by Apple;

  1. Apple makes it very tough for users to dismantle the New Macbook Air by providing a case tightly screwed with five Torx Security screws.
  2. The long life Battery of New Macbook Air is comprised of half dozen energy cells delivering a power of 35-Watt/hr consistently.
  3. New Macbook Air’s 64 GB Storage Flash consists of  a set of 4 chips each of 16 GB Toshiba chips with a governing chip resting on a norm detachable board. The smart SSD of only 10 grams exactly 45 grams less from the older one hard drive. Moreover, it is also 0.5 mm less in thickness as compared to the previous hard drive too.

    Macbook Air

  4. Broadcom Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in New Macbook Air are totally similar to existing Macbook Pro.
  5. The most interesting factor is the numbering system of iFixit based on repair & maintenance aspect. Total marks are 10, and the dear New Macbook Air unfortunately gets only 4 by iFixit. Macbook Air!  is it fair? It may possibly due to complex scenario of inner parts and a very tough exercise required for opening the gadget too.


It is all about the Teardown of New Macbook Air (11.6 inch) provided by iFixit. We have conveyed it honestly to you.

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