Test & Upgrade your Device Performance with Device Speed Test on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [NEW Cydia App]

If you are not satisfied with the performance of your iOS device and desire to upgrade it, Device Speed Test, a new Cydia App, is not only capable of testing the performance and efficiency of your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch but it also  provides valued and valid suggestions to upgrade  your device’s efficiency with an easy and simple process. How? Let’s read and learn.

This new Device Speed Test App indicates the performance of your device using tricolor mode of indication. Green, Yellow and Red colored lights indicate for Good, Decent and Slow performance respectively.

Device Speed Test App on iPhone

Device Speed Test App

We think, the App will be really very useful for iPhone 3G users for boosting up the recital of their devices by acting upon the suggestions provided by Device Speed Test App. It will also be beneficial to for those who have iPhone 3GS and iPod touch to some extent.

Cydia official script for the said App is given below;

Device Speed Test tests the speed of your device.

It tell you how your devices are performing in various different operations in seconds and tells you if this is good (green), decent (yellow), or very bad (red).

It will also tell you what you can do to speed up your device.

Its free, so why not try and see if it can help improve the performance on your device.

Device Speed Test in Cydia

Device Speed Test Performance Report

For installing Device Speed Test App on your device you will, definitely, require a jailbroken iPod touch, iPad or iPhone. If you still didn’t it, follow our complete guides to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad using GreenPosi0n or Limera1n accordingly.

Device Speed Test is a free App and is available right now in Cydia under BigBoss repository.

Stay tuned with your upgraded iOS device and Hitechanalogy to get more information abpout your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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