[Thrilling] Unparalleled Scrolling Wallpaper on iPhone and iPad Touch with Parallax, Cydia Tweak

Parallax is a new Cydia Tweak for iPhone and iPod touch devices. It is an absolutely unparallel tweak since it is a very unique thought till to date. Phonex-Dev is the developer of this creative and matchless tweak that brings a scrolling wall paper on your iPhone and iPod touch to enhance its grace and visibility. Fine Dear Phonex-Dev! We really appreciate your creativity and hope that this recent tweak will hit the market with its full beauty and functionality. Let us see how the Parallax works on iPhone and iPod touch?

Parallax Scrolling wallpaper on iPhone

If you have a jailbroken device running on iOS 4 or later version then making of the Parallax functional on your iPhone and iPod touch is so simple like a baby smile; just choose widescreen wallpaper for your Homescreen with Parallax and then scroll your Homescreen. The picked wallpaper will magically scroll with the icons too. Parallax also allows you to set the scrolling speed for wallpaper through settings menu. Here is the video to watch Parallax in functional form;

Don’t download Parallax if you have iPhone3G or iPod touch 2G;

it does use enough memory I wouldn’t recommend it for iPhone 3G or 2nd gen iPod owners.

You can grab this matchless Parallax app from Cydia for $ 1.49 only. Please don`t miss to write your opinions about Parallax tweak in comments box.

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