What is the Current Status of iPhone 4 Unlock Issue? Veeence Clarifies with FAQ

Exactly from the release of the Apple’s most advanced operating system iOS 4.3, a huge confusion has gripped the users of iOS devices on the matter of unlocking their phones on iOS 4.3. The tweets made by MuscleNerd in this concern also added fuel on burning fire of iPhone unlocking issue. Veeence, an authorative voice of the scenes behind the curtains, just decided to explore the whole story to unveil the scenes creating confusion for iPhone 4 unlock on iOS 4.3 with a self created FAQ.

Veeence FAQ on iPhone 4 Unlock Isuue-iOS 4.3

Here is the whole script of FAQ by Veeence for your kind information. We hope that it will help you to remove your concerns on the recent iPhone 4 Unlock Issue.

1. What happened? I thought the unlock for baseband 2:10:01 and 3:10:01 were issued within the next two weeks!

As you know, the Dev Team (MuscleNerd specifically) is working sull’unlock a bit ‘of time. There has been significant progress, but we realized that the unlock was found compatible “only with a specific SIM card ‘, ie that T-Mobile MuscleNerd used by itself. So useless. Therefore unlock the SIM mostly concerned that the baseband.If you were to unlock the baseband, then it would be released within two weeks (the time reasonably adequate to complete the test), but things went differently. In essence the two weeks scheduled for release will not be met.

2. What is the NCK-key? How does it work?

The NCK-key is a key generated by Apple when you buy an iPhone officially unlocked or purchased by an operator. On this new method, however, known for several years (before it started to work GeoHot sull’unlock the first iPhone), are focusing new jobs for the unlock. With the new exploits found in recent months, the Dev Team (the second Veeence fortunately) can not unlock the baseband 2:10:01 and 3:10:01, but you can capture more information from the baseband to speed up the process of crack. Once discovered and CHIPID Norida identifiers, you must obtain and verify only 40 more bits. A key of 40 bits is craccabile “at home” and takes about a week’s time.

This underlines Veeence, is a simple theoretical reasoning and none of this has currently been tested with the baseband of the iPhone.

3. And then? Will I sell my iPhone 4 SIM-locked?

I (Veeence) wait for more information about this “NCK unlock”. At the moment there are few and vague information. If the Dev Team will be able to exploit this new method, probably would open up new possibilities for people looking for the unlock.If this method had proved unsuccessful, however, then I would think to sell my iPhone 4 to recover a bit ‘of money to be used for the purchase of an iPhone 5, preferably unlocked.

4. Do you think there will ever be an unlock?

Certainly. But not soon, we have to wait. Probably even more than a month.

5. If the method fails NCK, because you will need to work on a new unlock for the iPhone 4?

No precise date. It may take settimante like a month or more.

Here, as you requested, a full update on the situation dell’Unlock. We believe that this article could be of help to all those who at present are still waiting to use the phone part of iPhone SIM-locked.

We remind you also that you can check if your iPhone is jailbroken and unlocked (unlock) through our JailbreakWizard .

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