What is the most Interesting iPhone App? LifeLapse App Records Every Moment of your Life

Do you desire to keep the record of every waking moment of your life? Life Logging devices are there to help you to some extant but are much costly. If you have an Apple’s cute iPhone in your grab, then there is no reason to go for life lapsing type costly gadgets. This the main idea behind the LifeLapse iPhone app, which exactly like Vicon Revue simply records the whole story of the moments of your entire day in a form of time-lapse video. I think LifeLapse is the most interesting iPhone app available so far – an amazing app with astonishing utility!

LifeLapse iPhone App

This iPhone app is currently running in beta. Once installed LifeLapse on your iPhone it begins to create a video from images it captures every 30 seconds.

If I go somewhere and then tell you about it, how is that different from actually showing you what it was like to be there? We don’t know yet, but we might start to, in a few months or years. It could be like Twitter has been to the revolutions in the Middle East–a deeper way of telling a story, but without the potential bias of writing.

For using LifeLapse app the developers have created a Lifepouch with the help of which you can easily wear your iPhone around your neck. Yet there is no iPad version of this most interesting LifeLapse app available. We hope that developers will bring soon this app to iPad too.

You can watch video of the introduction of LifeLapse iPhone app directly by the developers behind this most interesting app.

Via: All Things Digital

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