World’s Most Precious iPad 2 of $8 Million: 24 Ct Gold, 53 Diamonds, Oldest Rocks and T-Rex Dinosaur’s Bones

Some crazy billionaires are always in search of the most precious, costly and luxurious items to grab them like antiques, ornaments and paintings etc. The changing mind of the technological globe is now showing its amazing magic; and gadgets of million dollars worth are becoming the first choice of  the richi-rich type persons. So iPad 2’s golden version decorated with diamonds and some highly expensive oldest rocks and T-Rex Dinosaur‘s bones is here for your kind observation. Have a look on World’s Most Precious iPad 2 of $8 Million worth.

World's Most Precious iPad 2

The World’s Most Precious iPad 2 has been crafted by Stuart Hughes, a firm well known for designing world’s most expansive products. Interestingly only two such luxurious iPad 2s are available in stock, at present. Why this iPad 2 is the most precious gadget in the world? Let’s take a review.

  1. The World’s Most Precious iPad 2 has an expensive back made up of pure 24 ct gold which is 2 KG in weight.
  2. The back is decorated with a superb Apple logo adorned with 53 breathtaking radiant gems.
  3. The front frame of the World’s Most Precious iPad 2 is made from 75 million years old rock in the form of Ammolite.
  4. The use of 65 million year old T-REX Dinosaur’s thigh bone in the form of Ammolited superb jewel, also make this iPad 2- the World’s Most Precious iPad 2.
  5. A single cut 8.5 Ct perfect diamond also inlaid in its own platinum surrounded with 12 outer unblemished diamonds.

I fear that I would not be able to get either one piece from  Hughes,  not for the reason that I have no so much dollars in my account to buy this World’s Most Precious iPad 2  but it is due to my most precious time that is much valid than this most costly gadget on our globe. What you say guy’s?

I know we can’t purchase this World’s Most Precious iPad 2 tablet of $8 Million Worth but there is nothing to stop us for having a look on it at Stuart Hughes official site.

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